Salvaging Miranda

A few weekends ago, I decided to use up four rolls of 35mm film I’ve had for a while.  I bought them cheaply off eBay – all were well-expired rolls of completely unknown condition.  Had they been kept in a fridge?  Or did someone store them on a radiator right next to an x-ray machine?  […]

The Murder Room

Some more photos from the soon-to-be-new offices. There’s a space in the building that is particularly grotty and it has been dubbed ‘the murder room’. However, today the lighting conditions were not conducive to creating that sort of atmosphere, so I chose a different corner of the building to have a little… er… fun.


Took a few photos today, but not whilst wandering semi-aimlessly as usual. I was, instead, in a building that will soon be the new premises for the company I work for. The building has been standing empty for a while and has aged accordingly. But a clean up and a lick of paint will soon […]

Odds and ends

Just a few random photos taken on various wanderings around Edinburgh and Glasgow. Only posting them because I’ve been a bit quiet of late and didn’t want anyone to think I’d fallen off the edge of the planet or owt.

100 Days

This is a gallery for my entries into the 100 Days Project. The project itself has sprung from my work scanning and archiving lots of 35mm film negatives I recently pulled out of storage.  The featured images have been given a cursory edit (black and white conversion, some levels adjustment) but they have not been […]

Experiment: medium format 35mm

I bought a little gadget earlier this year that allows me to use 35mm film in a medium format camera.  On paper, it’s a nice idea.  The whole of the film is exposed, resulting in images that include the spool holes and frame info.  I’ve used used it once, on a thirty-six exposure film.  It […]

Lovely Locks on Brooklyn Bridge

It has to be done.  No, really it does.  A stroll across Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn (or the other way round – it’s a free country). Along the bridge, despite official signs requesting it not be done, lovestruck couples have left padlocks in some bizarre effort to illustrate their love.  I don’t get […]


Spent part of my birthday inside a lady. It’s not as rude as it sounds, for I am sure the local law enforcement would have had something to say about it. No, I went up… hang on, this is still bad… Wait, I have it. I spent part of my birthday climbing to the top […]


Popped over to New York at the end of January, to celebrate my 40th birthday.  Bad weather and (self-inflicted) illness hampered some of the trip but I managed to get out and about enough to see some of the sights and grab some nice photos. Because the city is so tall and closed in, I […]