Blue sky thinking

Blue sky thinking

Managed to fix the website. Well, mostly. There are still a couple of bits to look at but life’s too short.

Getting ready to upload some new galleries soon.  I was going to work on one for Singapore today, but seeing the number of photos (most of which I like and would want to use) I decided to wait until I had a bit more time to concentrate on the editing before presenting them.

Then I saw this photo:

Thinkin’ about a blue sky

It was taken at some point during my visit to Singapore in 2010 – and it makes me want to go on holiday again.

Ignoring the fact that I have more important things to do at the moment than jet off to sunny havens, I often think about where I’d like to go.

I have visited China and Hong Kong as well as the Australian cities Sydney, Darwin and Brisbane.  And I’d happily visit them all again (I’ve been to Hong Kong twice already). Brief stays in Bangkok and Singapore have left me wanting more and I didn’t really get enough out of New York the first time round.

Wow. I sound like some sort of jet-setter. Truth be told, all of these holidays have taken an immense amount of saving – usually aided by working two jobs – so by the time they came round I was definitely ready for the break!

Back to the question – where would I go?  South America appeals, as it probably does to most people.  Then again, Europe is on my doorstep and I could cover more of it in a fortnight than I could anywhere else.  That, and I’ve never really visited any of it.  That’s right – a whole continent on my doorstep and my sum total experience of it boils down to some family day trips on the ferry to Calais and a school exchange trip that included a day in Paris.  And I didn’t even get to spin around under the Eiffel Tower.

I have plenty of time to think about this since the probability of me getting away in the near future is low, but it’s something nice to think about and generally doesn’t involve cracked walls, flaky paintwork and the amount of work needed to bring my flat up to a saleable condition – all of this being the hole into which my spare cash is falling every month, thus precluding any saving for a trip to Munich, Rome or Barcelona.

Or Prague.

Or Vienna.


Here, have a Singapore taster…