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Found an SD card today.  Well, I say found – it has been sitting in my card holder for a long time and it appears that I simply haven’t used that card for that very long time.

Upon inspecting its contents this morning, I found some photos taken on my old Panasonic TMZ-whateveritwas when I first visited Glasgow.  So, here are some of those photos – most given a severe Lightrooming owing to the somewhat noisy nature of the images.

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned when going on holiday, it’s to take a decent camera with me.  When I visited China several years ago, I did not have a decent camera.  I mean, it was ok but it wasn’t great.  I also had a duff lens which meant that everything came out a tad over expeosed.

Tonight, I finally trawled through all those photos and salvaged some for a gallery here.  There aren’t presented in any particular order but represent a snapshot of wanderings around Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  All have been edited because without it they are basically rubbish.  Some have been edited artistically, most simply to make them presentable.

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Went on a little road trip to York last weekend.  Took my new Canon 80D with me, paired with the 10-22mm EF-S lens.  Have to say, although the lens got me some nice wide angle shots in the tight streets of the Shambles, I’m generally not a fan.  There are quite a few issues I have with the images produces (focus drop off, colour aberations, etc) but I guess that just spurred me on to play more in Lightroom to get these images presented here today.

There was one image that I’ve kept out of the gallery because I think it tells a sad story but with a wry smile.  This shop space once housed someone’s business, but in December last year York once again found itself under water.  A livelihood quite literally flushed away… (I am so sorry for that one!)

Flushed Away

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Experiments with macro and lighting


Slowly getting my pretend studio space up and running but took some time today to try something out.  I bought some LED finger lights a long while ago with the idea of using them to light little things – the sort of little things that you might use a macro lens to photograph.

I have a collection of these little things somewhere, but I’ve not unpacked them yet, so instead I used some Lego people that had surfaced whilst I’ve been emptying boxes.  That was a giggle, especially when I discovered the sinister bear.  The second experiment was done using a jade dragon I picked up whilst in China a few years ago.  However, this proved to be slightly too large to work properly as a macro idea.  Also hindered here by the fact the lights are only designed for use over a short period of time – some batteries were definitely well drained by this point.

Still, had a bit of fun with my camera and that’s no bad thing.

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New toy no.2: Holga

Another recent addition to my kit bag is a standard Holga lens with Canon EF mount and it received its first outing on Sunday.  As you might expect, it adds a definite Lomography feel to the images but, because it is being used on a digital camera, the effect just isn’t as satisfying as when messing about on a real lomo camera.

Still, got a few pics out of it – some of which I tweaked for artistic purposes, others are presented as intended.

Las Vegas

On a work trip for NAB convention (broadcast technologies, I won’t bore you with it) but managed to get a few snaps to show here.  Not as taken with Vegas as I could have been, therefore less enthused about getting my camera out to snap anything.  Bit of a shame, but sometimes inspiration doesn’t just leap up and surprise me. Oh well.


Along with just about every other person with some form of camera in the UK whose view of the eclipse today wasn’t completely screwed by Mother Nature’s evil sense of humour, I found myself stood outside staring at the sky this morning wondering just when my retinas were going to dribble out through my nose.

I jest. I took precautions. I simply kitted my camera out with some filters and watched events unfold through the viewfinder instead.

Although the sky seemed to be a blanket of grey, the clouds thinned enough from time to time to allow these snaps. I resisted the urge to desaturate them or tinker in any other way besides a little cropping.

Today’s setup:
Canon 700D (naturally)
Canon EF 100-400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L series zoom (set to 400mm, later extended to 800mm with Canon doubler)
Matte box holding 0.6 straight ND filter and an off-cut of Chrome Orange lighting gel
All supported on a Neewer 15mm mini rig and a Sachtler 20 tripod

Lens, doubler, matte box, filter and tripod pinched from very graciously supplied by Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd – my day job!


Since I cannot rightly charge anyone for my alleged photographic services, I have to work full-time in a real job.  That’s fine though since my job also involves cameras, albeit of a much larger, fancier and expensive variety.

Over the last week or so, I have been assisting on a shoot for Bees Nees Media.  It’s a programme called Seirm for BBC Alba and features acts playing at the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow.  Four nights of nice music nestled neatly at the end of four days making sure cameras, lenses, transmitters, comms et al were all up and running properly.

Of course, there were moments of downtime during sound checks (and also because we do such a good job and making sure things stay up and running!) so I took the opportunity to take some snaps of the kit as well as a few other bits and bobs.

Weapons of choice for this were my trusty Canon 700D and a Canon 24-70 f2.8 borrowed from work (such are the occasional perks!).


Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd

Bees Nees Media

Kim – the complete dog

Last year, I looked after a dog called Kim. She was cute as a button back then and was almost as cute again a couple of weeks ago when I had the pleasure of her company once more. I’ve pulled all the silly photos from last year together with some fresh ones into one gallery, because, well, why not eh?