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Sunday macro

Bit of a quiet afternoon, waiting for laundry to finish.  What better time than this to mess about with the macro and some random things I’ve acquired.

The Hub

A flying visit to Edinburgh today saw me, amongst other things, attempt to take a photo of The Hub. However, this really quite lovely building has been somewhat ruined by the prevalence of crap erected around it. I realise its all branding and stuff relating to The Hub’s core use these days, but it still makes for ugly photos.

Praise then for the creators of the Pixlr app, for they have allowed me to take two cruddy photos and do something fun with them. Yay!

Soggy doggies

Found this photo taken some time ago, possibly using the Hipstamtic app on an old iPhone.  All I remember is the location – outside Costa coffee in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.  They were so cute, if a little soggy.img_0016

New toy: Pinhole

Treated myself to an inexpensive and potentially fun toy recently: a Holga pinhole lens (HPL-C).  Tried it out today but I suspect it will be better served for night shoots or darker areas such as dense woodland.  Gives me some ideas for the future I s’pose!



In the meantime, today’s test results are in and… I may have a problem with the sensor on my camera. More likely there’s some dirt somewhere – at least, that’s what I’m hoping.

Aaaaanyway… the raw images are very washed out on both RAW and JPEG files, so I’ve had to tart them up a little in Lightroom (and skillfully remove the blemishes – Photoshop’s healing brush FTW!).  I’m definitely going to be using this lens again so the next lot of images will hopefully be an improvement.


Grumpy Bear is on the move.

Today saw the last few items being removed from my flat, followed by a quick clean up so that the new owner can walk into a shiny home. In theory.

Whilst moving things about, I realised just how noisy an empty flat is. I heard echoes that I’ve never heard before. On the odd occasion I uttered words of any nature, I felt as though I was starring in a slightly eerie radio play, such was the atmosphere created by the reverberating sounds. It was both fun and unsettling all at once.

But hey, onwards and upwards as they say. I’ll certainly be moving upwards – my new space will be on the first floor of my new home and I’ve already earmarked a particular nook in the room for a macro space. Still a fair way to go beforehand and, as such, still not overly excited yet.  But it will come.


End of the day

As I was heading home from the gym on Thursday night, I felt compelled to make a detour to the top of the multi-storey car park. I naturally took the stairs, but feel that the time taken to do this impacted on the quality of the remaining sunset. Sometimes being lazy is good for you(r photography).

And, of course, I only had the iPhone with which to snap this pic. Typical.20140525-085404-32044992.jpg


Nestled somewhere amidst the Ness Islands, Inverness, lie the remains of some beloved family pets.  I’ll be the first to admit it’s a slightly odd place to find a pet cemetery, but touching all the same.

Ness (1 of 7)


This moment of calm was preceded by me pulling into a layby at the last second and running across a busy road.  And then I got stuck trying to get back to the van.  Still, at least I got this shot.

Ness (3 of 7)

Flutter-by visitor

As I got home a few nights ago, I saw this little critter trying to squeeze itself through my unopened front door. Seems a little early in the year for it to be out and about so perhaps the cold snap had prompted it to seek refuge by the seemingly not-as-well-insulated-as-I-thought door. For the last few days I’ve been checking to make sure I don’t squish it when closing the door on my way to and from work.


UPDATE: 15th March – I’m genuinely not sure if it’s the same butterfly, but I am still being visited. And yes, it is alive. Kinda sweet. Can you keep a butterfly as a pet?