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Been a busy January so far, which means I’ve not been taking new photos or looking through old ones. Thought I’d break the silence with this random bit of fun from the new year.



Have spent a few days in manchester this week and the highlight has been the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). Yesterday they were preparing this replica of Stevenson’s Planet steam engine to take visitors on the first of many ten minute train rides throughout the day, although shorty after I snapped this image the ride was postponed. I hope they got her up and running again, even if I didn’t get ride.



Another shot taken on Baltic Street, Leith – this time of a sign I spotted quite by accident whilst out for a walk this afternoon. I don’t know how any times I’ve walked past and not taken any notice of it before.

Speaking of randomly stumbling across things, I found this intriguing artefact on ye olde interwebs tonight whilst hunting for info about historical buildings along Baltic Street.



I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this bit of wall on Baltic Street, Leith for years. I have no idea why.
Anyway, today I did. So ner.


What a fun guy

Scottish Water have been doing some work near the office for – oooooh – an eternity, or so it seems. Not quite sure what they’re working on, but these fungi have popped up in the area where the work is (or isn’t) taking place. Next to them is an even bigger specimen but I couldn’t get a decent shot of that one.


Where I walk

A pavement pattern in Singapore. Not really sure why I took this photo, even less so why I chose to manipulate it as I have! Oh, the whimsical ways of the amateur photographer.



Forget ‘Bunny Suicides’ – this gruesome scene is out and out murder. The rabbit didn’t stand a chance once Spud had spotted it. Poor thing’s stuffing was everywhere. Spud shows no sign of remorse. It’s all a game to him, the little scamp.


Got mail?

A mailbox hanging loose on a wall in Singapore. Need I say more?



These friendly creatures are very fond of garibaldi biscuits. It’s true.

You’d have to go all the way to Sydney, Australia to get proof though.