Along with just about every other person with some form of camera in the UK whose view of the eclipse today wasn’t completely screwed by Mother Nature’s evil sense of humour, I found myself stood outside staring at the sky this morning wondering just when my retinas were going to dribble out through my nose.

I jest. I took precautions. I simply kitted my camera out with some filters and watched events unfold through the viewfinder instead.

Although the sky seemed to be a blanket of grey, the clouds thinned enough from time to time to allow these snaps. I resisted the urge to desaturate them or tinker in any other way besides a little cropping.

Today’s setup:
Canon 700D (naturally)
Canon EF 100-400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L series zoom (set to 400mm, later extended to 800mm with Canon doubler)
Matte box holding 0.6 straight ND filter and an off-cut of Chrome Orange lighting gel
All supported on a Neewer 15mm mini rig and a Sachtler 20 tripod

Lens, doubler, matte box, filter and tripod pinched from very graciously supplied by Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd – my day job!