Grumpy Bear is on the move.

Today saw the last few items being removed from my flat, followed by a quick clean up so that the new owner can walk into a shiny home. In theory.

Whilst moving things about, I realised just how noisy an empty flat is. I heard echoes that I’ve never heard before. On the odd occasion I uttered words of any nature, I felt as though I was starring in a slightly eerie radio play, such was the atmosphere created by the reverberating sounds. It was both fun and unsettling all at once.

But hey, onwards and upwards as they say. I’ll certainly be moving upwards – my new space will be on the first floor of my new home and I’ve already earmarked a particular nook in the room for a macro space. Still a fair way to go beforehand and, as such, still not overly excited yet.  But it will come.