Experiments with macro and lighting

Experiments with macro and lighting


Slowly getting my pretend studio space up and running but took some time today to try something out.  I bought some LED finger lights a long while ago with the idea of using them to light little things – the sort of little things that you might use a macro lens to photograph.

I have a collection of these little things somewhere, but I’ve not unpacked them yet, so instead I used some Lego people that had surfaced whilst I’ve been emptying boxes.  That was a giggle, especially when I discovered the sinister bear.  The second experiment was done using a jade dragon I picked up whilst in China a few years ago.  However, this proved to be slightly too large to work properly as a macro idea.  Also hindered here by the fact the lights are only designed for use over a short period of time – some batteries were definitely well drained by this point.

Still, had a bit of fun with my camera and that’s no bad thing.

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