‘The Lost Gardeners of the Great War’

‘The Lost Gardeners of the Great War’

Whilst ambling around Gardening Scotland this weekend, I happened across this show garden and it rather caught my eye.  It is described as follows:

The garden is imagined as the corner of a walled garden, abandoned by a young gardener as he goes off to fight in World War 1. We see the door though which he left, his tools abandoned and the flower beds he left behind. A scythe lies ominously beside the red door but the wildflowers and poppies which have invaded the garden bring new life and hope.

The garden showcases the skills of the dry stone walling community throughout Scotland. A hundred years after the start of the Great War this garden is built for the charity Erskine, whose work for veterans began during that conflict. After the show, the garden will be rebuilt at Erskine Hospital.

Garden by Ivy Maud Design