Blue London

Blue London

I’m making a concerted effort to sort through the myriad photos stored on various harddrives just now.  Most of them are organised in some manner, but there are many that aren’t and I’ve no idea how I’d like to categorise them.  Hey ho.

I have, however, found a very old project from many moons ago that involved me snapping anything and everything blue whilst on a short trip to London – hence the title ‘Blue London’.  The only rule for this was that the primary subject of the image had to be blue. And in London.  Simple, really.

Since I’m in the mood for sharing older stuff today, here be that project.

1. This project is over twelve years old
2. Twelve years ago, the internets weren’t as good as they are today
3. Back then, the internets weren’t very good at offering up large files
4. That’s why these photos are so small
5. Sadly, I think the original source images were on a harddrive that has long since carked it
6. Yes, that’s me in a couple of the images – with blue hair.
7. There’s every chance that may have, in some small way, been part of the inspiration for the project
8. A couple of the images features my old web address. It still works (as of this posting) but for how much longer..?

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