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Experiment: medium format 35mm

I bought a little gadget earlier this year that allows me to use 35mm film in a medium format camera.  On paper, it’s a nice idea.  The whole of the film is exposed, resulting in images that include the spool holes and frame info.  I’ve used used it once, on a thirty-six exposure film.  It took forever to finish the roll, which surprised me since I expected it to run through almost as quickly as a proper 120 film.  I took seemingly endles photos, desperately trying to finish it.

When I had the film developed, I discovered where I’d gone wrong – for the most part, I’d not been winding the film on enough.  Or perhaps it hadn’t wound tightly enough around the spool.  Either way, the developed film was a mixed bag of double and triple exposures, half frames and some other ropey images.

That said, with a little (read: a LOT) of tinkering in Lightroom, I salvaged some of the more interesting mishaps.  I may possibly have turned a few into little works of art.  Or not.

I hereby present to you some experimental happy accidents.


I’ve been trying out a couple of the vintage cameras I bought recently, mostly to check if they actually work.  And they do, which is good.
However, whilst both cameras are broadly the same in terms of operation, they are very different to the DSLRs I am used to.  Not shit, Sherlock!
As the post title suggests, for most of the photos I was guessing at settings and in some case exposure times.  As usual, a mixed bag of results and I present here my favourites.

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Lomo’Instant Automat, unboxed

I may have mentioned somewhere here before about backing a Kickstarter project for a new camera from Lomography.

Well, here it is…


LomoFail (a return to film)

Hello, happy new year and all that jazz. Welcome to my first post of 2017!

Last year, I backed two Kickstarter projects from Lomography.  The first was a Daguerreotype Achromat art lens and the second was for a Lomo’Instant Automat camera.  Yeah, I know, like I don’t have enough toys already.  Except now I have even more toys, because the reward tier I chose for the Automat camera included a bundle of other Lomography cameras: La Sardina 8Ball, FishEye no.2 and Diana F+.

I’ve yet to really get to grips with the Daguerreotype lens as I’ve not been in the right environment to make the best of it (or the best based on my limited abilities!), so an update regarding this lens will follow at some point.

I have, however, been out and about with the La Sardina and the FishEye no.2 – except I didn’t get very far with the FishEye due to a winder problem (it broke).  I need to practice with these cameras more to get used to them, but the gallery here represents the first fruits of my return to film photography.

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Most of the photos required editing because I used Snappy Snaps in Glasgow for processing.  Whilst they’ve done an alright job on the actual prints (in other words, highlighted my failings on my first foray into film photography in many years!), the digital files on CD are a low resolution, not what I had expected.  Still, I’m hoping to learn how to develop my own films this year (it’s on the list!) and provided I can find a good quality film scanner, I can hopefully present much better images all round!

In other news, besides all the Lomography gear mentioned above, I have also picked up a few bargain cameras elsewhere:
Ilford Envoy original version (c. 1950s, 120 film point and shoot)
Ilford Sportsman mkII (c. 1959, 35mm point and shoot)
Halina 6-4 (c. 1960s, 120 film point and shoot)
Canon EOS 300 (c. 2000, 35mm SLR)

I have already shot two rolls of film on the Envoy, but because I used expired film I’ve not been able to get them developed yet!  As soon as I remedy that, I’ll offer up those shots in another gallery.
I had better get a move on with learning to develop my own films then, huh..?