Experiment: medium format 35mm

Experiment: medium format 35mm

I bought a little gadget earlier this year that allows me to use 35mm film in a medium format camera.  On paper, it’s a nice idea.  The whole of the film is exposed, resulting in images that include the spool holes and frame info.  I’ve used used it once, on a thirty-six exposure film.  It took forever to finish the roll, which surprised me since I expected it to run through almost as quickly as a proper 120 film.  I took seemingly endles photos, desperately trying to finish it.

When I had the film developed, I discovered where I’d gone wrong – for the most part, I’d not been winding the film on enough.  Or perhaps it hadn’t wound tightly enough around the spool.  Either way, the developed film was a mixed bag of double and triple exposures, half frames and some other ropey images.

That said, with a little (read: a LOT) of tinkering in Lightroom, I salvaged some of the more interesting mishaps.  I may possibly have turned a few into little works of art.  Or not.

I hereby present to you some experimental happy accidents.